We invite community members to join the official Facebook group devoted to the Ridge Pointe Neighborhood Homeowners Association. This group has been established as a means to communicate helpful information, notifications, notice of upcoming meetings, etc. through a social media platform. This is a quick way to disseminate important updates and information via news feeds. We hope this group will expand the access and reach of Board updates to community members. The group has been set to communicate information from the HOA Board to community members. With your facebook account, to join simply navigate here.

- 2021 Dues letters have been mailed.

- The Annual Dues have been raised to $120.

- Please remove all trash bins from sight.  Per our covenant they are not to be left in plain sight.

- Newsletter will no longer be delivered.  March Newsletter will be mailed via USPS.  All others will be available on the website.

- Please ensure all vehicles parked on the street have all four wheels off the pavement.  Also please ensure all vehicles are up to date on registration and inspection.

- All improvements and additions to homes and changes in landscaping must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee.  Please send all request to ridgepointe.hoa.board@gmail.com.


For additional information or to report issues with our website
please contact the Ridge Pointe Webmaster
If you’re buying, selling, or refinancing a home and need HOA documentation please contact ridgepointe.hoa.board@gmail.com